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Saturday, March 2, 2013

So, here's the thing...

So, here's the thing... I've never considered myself much of a writer or a blogger... heck, I'm not even all that great at spelling, but, I guess that's the beauty of the Internet and social media these days;  You don't really have to be good at any of that!  You simply post what you want. If people read it, great! If not, well, no harm, no foul.

Over the past few years, I had quite a few people suggest that I start a blog to tell the story behind my art and photography.  To be honest, I never thought people would be interested... So, if at least one person (besides my wife) actually starts to follow me - I'll consider it a success!!

So, here goes... my first official blog, where I'll attempt to tell the story behind the photos and make it interesting.  I've had a pretty eventful life... some of it interesting, some of it, not so much... so every now and then, I'll throw in some personal facts about my life... I'll try to be selective.

Word of warning;  I type like I speak...and since the writing word is very two dimensional, you may have to use your imagination, have an occasionally warped sense of humor and follow along closely to stay on the same page with me at times! Oh, and don't expect perfect grammar or punctuation either!

I've always been taught that, before you are about to speak to an audience, you should give yourself credibility... in this case, I should answer the question; Who am I to write a blog???

Well, I'm not sure I have a good answer to that...but, in addition to being someone who loves life, in the past 25 years, I have been a photographer, a graphic designer and a marketing consultant. I have also been a political consultant, an IT director, a creative director and a marketing director. I have owned several businesses.  I worked for the state house of representatives for many years and was even a candidate for office once. My work has appeared in a variety of local, regional and national publications including The New Yorker Magazine, USA Today and The New York Times.  Above all though, my most important roles have been as a father, husband, brother and son. I love my family. My wife, children and family are amazing and without their continued support, I would be nowhere.

After suffering a major set-back a few years ago, that completely changed my life, I'm currently a photographer and artist who is still trying to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up - IF he ever grows up!

So, there it is.  My first official blog post.  If you're still reading, I hope you'll tune in for the next post, which I promise will have more to do with photography and less about me!

Thanks for tuning in!!


  1. I think you did very week fire your first blog Steve. Your a great photographer and friend.We wish you nothing but success as you continue to do what you are great at. Your Friends, Jenn and Jon

  2. Gotta love I meant you did great for your first blog.

  3. Lol! Funny thing is I knew what you meant... I guess my brain has auto correct, just like your phone! Thanks!! I'm thankful to have you guys as friends!

  4. Great Opener !
    Now, can we go to the pool for drinks ..... I wanna hear more ..
    Seriously, looking forward to hearing more about your foray into such creative art work !

    1. Thanks Dave! Ahh, the frigid waters of the pool at Sugar Bay... memories!